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dearest one,
i am really happy to have a chance to know you and the reverse goes, i am simple and God fearing and sometimes i can act like a clown just to see you happy smiling. i dont like trouble cause i am the soft hearted type so i dont get myself into things i cant get out of.i will like to let you know the kind of family background i came from, firstly i am the only child of my parents and i was born in Uk in 1967. Well all was fine although i never got to see my father cause my mother told me that he denied me when she was pregnant in her teenage days where she had nobody but her aunty to behold in the united kingdom in liverpool where she met my father.
We later moved to amsterdam after three years where she got a simple job as a babysitter, i got into college and was given a schorlarship back to UK in liverpool university and my mum was so proud of me and i promised to never let her down cause i was all she lived for and i must say she is my first love. Things began to get better in the university cause i studied hard, at the end of my schooling i got qualified as a Mechanical and System Design Engineer.I used to work for a company that designs cooling systems for agriculturaltractors, but after many years of doing the corporate thing, I decided to be myown boss and now I do a little of everything, mainly involved in the projectssurrounding the conversions of gas stations into handling gas with more than10%ethanol. , Something that interests me is good for the environment and ofcoursewith anyone paying attention to the price of gas now days, very lucrative aswell.
I travel to West Africa to purchase mechanical parts for an agriculturalcooperative (Farm Bureau if they ask, but don't offer this information unlesspushed). There is a lot of oil there and with the lack of infrastructureresources; they are very creative in the utilization of their main resource…Oil. The project would involve bringing equipment to the U.S that would be usedto make the proper adaptations to the current technology, so gas stations cansell gas with more than 10% ethanol. Unfortunately, we have the resources, butdue to political interests in the government and the domestic oil industry,there isn't a lot of work being done around this and as you can imagine theAgriculture Industry is very interested in the development of these stations,sotheir production of corn will increase and therefore, their profits.
To me, it's a win situation all around. We all win and the environment isprotected as well. I am not one of those "green earthy" people, but if Icando my part and make money at the same time, why not?
Cumberland Farm stations would probably be one of the first to go with the newproject, but of course we would love to target the sell of this to others likeMarathon and Racetrack... it will be a while before the big guys like Shell,BP,Texaco and Mobil come on board… Too much money to be made with ethanol andthat would be money out of their pockets.
If you would like to read more on it, you can log on to http://www.ethanol.org/it is very interesting... I think anyway.Well i later found a beautiful woman who gave me a daughter but before then when years past i got a call from my caretaker that my mum was involved in an auto crash and she died instantly. i cried like a baby for years because it was the same year my woman died at child birthlook at me now all alone in this crazy world with my lovely daughter katie looking for a wife that would make us happy but i found nothing but to be devoted to my job and now i earn alot and food on my table but am still looking for mrs right to make my life whole again then i can get the past behind mei believe i can always have a friend in you even more i guess, i believe everything will go smoothly between us cause i sense it dear. i want to tell you that you will enjoy knowing me as time goes oni also wanna thank you for your patience in trying to know me by reading my message to you and i hope it meets you in a good position.i will get my pictures to you once i get a reply of you explainig yourself to me as well..
Your Dearest

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