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You lost - gimme my money = du hast verloren, gib mein Geld
Rupert Graf Koks
und die Nigeria Connection
Liebesbrief um die Gefühle zu vertiefen

Gegen Scam und Spam mit Rupert Graf Koks.


romance-script 7


Leere Versprechungen im Liebesbrief

Hello love,
i want to tell you how much love i have for you. It is an unending love, defending love, strong love, true love, real love, first and last love. I want to be straight forward in my heart and i want you to believe in me and i will definitely live for you till i loose my breath. i was talking to katie about how much i love you and she said she would like to come and meet you from UK cause she never really believed the love life we have now, its so crazy that people will not understand that burning fire inside the both of us.

At times i want to kiss you like no one has ever done, touch you where you will shiver and get so nervous you will not want to let go when your heart skips yelling and moaning in my ear, calling my name. i never thought God will make me see a pure heart like you, i swear i will always be there when the world turns back on you dear one

i will be expecting your message and i will reply you as soon as i get the alert on phone okay in order to send you information and details on how you will go about the money okay

I love you dearie