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romance-script 6



to get a perfect place for drilling and pumping of oil in delta state Nigeria and i am going to send you one of my pictures where you will see me busy working on it.
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My love,
I miss you so much I don't even know where to start this mail from. I tried calling you later last night but the phone just kept disconnecting, the internet connection over here is very poor and I couldn't stay online yesterday night. I looked at some of your pictures yesterday and I realized I loved your pictures so much I couldn't wait to hold you in my arms and make you feel the love I have for you. I know this might sound a little crazy but I want to be 60 years old and still make out with you like a little schoolboy. I feel like I want to cook a meal with you and have us totally ruin it and end up doing take out. I want to sit there talking to you for hours about nothing at all but in the same time everything or maybe we won't talk at all and just grin at each other realizing how lucky we are. I want you to get mad at me for doing something stupid, and I want you to bust out laughing when you try to yell at me. I want to lay with you in front of a fireplace and keep the heat going long after the fire goes out. I want to take trips with you to places we've never been and experience them together. I want us to go skinny-dipping in our yacht.... and get caught and streak back to our room waking everyone up because we're laughing so hard. I want us to go and pick out the hot tub we want with the biggest grins on our faces the whole time. I want the sales rep to get embarrassed when we sit in them and make sure we have enough room to do the things we want to do. I want to hold your hand and let you scream at me while you bring our kids around . I want our friends to come over and get totally jealous because they don't share a love like we do. I want to be walking into a store with you and trip and fall on my face and turn around to see you rolling on the ground laughing at me. I want us to run outside in the rain and act like total kids getting completely soaked, and when we come back in stripping down to nothing as we stumble into the bedroom, or the kitchen counter, or the balcony, or the dining room table, or an office desk, or the shower, which ever one we feel like at the time.

My life lately has been a hellish nightmare, one that haunts and never leaves me to peace. Anytime I find a way out of this mess fate or destiny manages to snatch it away from me. The day that I realized that I loved you, it felt like my bad dream had ceased, like my life became complete. Sitting here and thinking about the times we've spent together, I still wonder if I'm dreaming this magical life with you. Being in love with you brings joy into my life again, when I thought I couldn't feel this way about anyone anymore. You came into my life and made everything so much easier and better. You know pride sometimes gets in the way of us expressing our emotions but with you I've decided to let go. I'm just thankful that you're in my life. The road for us is still long and wide, but remember I will always be by your side to support you no matter what. Every single day that passes, I thank God for you. I love you more than you could ever imagine.,Jelena I want to be with you for all time. Together we can do anything. Our love is what keeps a smile on my face, knowing that you are there. I love you!....I know that neither one of us had in mind that we would meet someone on the Internet and fall in love but it has happened. And for that, I have no regrets. In fact, it is one of the best things that has ever happened to me in my entire life. For this, and what has happened to us and between us I have you to thank.

For almost the past week, you have brought so much joy to me that words can never explain. In the past week, you have brought so much life back into a lifeless body and we have not even met face to face. For almost the past week, I know and realize what it is to LOVE again and to feel loved. Please understand that we have so much to give to each other and I look forward to that day. I know it is closer now than ever before. It is just that there may be a few more obstacles that we need to clear up, and I think you know what I am talking about. Besides that, we can and I know we will survive. What words can describe the sweetest, most beautiful part of my life? You are my certainty, my comfort and hope, without you I would be lost. I want to treat you like you deserve, like a queen, like a goddess. Each day I hope I can give just a little of what bliss you give me. Please i want to apologize for leaving you in the cold, Sweetheart its work that has held me down here in Nigeria but i assure you things are working fine since i've got the contract. I have so many workers here now trying to get a perfect place for drilling and pumping of oil in delta state Nigeria and i am going to send you one of my pictures where you will see me busy working on it okay
Loving you Always and Forever,I Love You, ..... I Love You I Love You I Love You