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romance-script 4


Hello my love,
I am really crazy about you and i thank God everyday for the life i live to eventually find you at this expense, Well as you know i am on my way to the airport for take off to Nigeria precisely and i hope you take care of yourself for me......
I cant wait to also hold you in my arms saying sweet words that will make your eyes look like that of drunkard, baby that is what your love does to me anytime i have you in my thoughts......
I want to share with you what i have been dreaming about, my imaginations when we are together....
We quietly sat watching the fire burn. It was a sultry summer night, not even a breeze blowing. The sky was clear and full of stars - perfect weather for sleeping beside a lake in the middle of nowhere.

"Mmm, I was thinking about how many times we've talked about the moon." You said, Your eyes gazing intently up at the sky. "I remember you telling me how perfect it was going to be...How much you believed in us"
We missed a lot of kisses then didn't we?" I asked with that tender loving look in my eyes that you know all too well. Slowly you move closer to me on the bench, ever so softly kissing my cheek and resting your head on my shoulder.
"Why don't we go for a walk down to the lake while this fire slowly dies out?" You lifted your head to look towards the lake.. It is so calm, the light from the moon shimmering in the small ripples. Every so often you can hear a distant splash of a loon or its haunting call as it beckons to its mate.
"I think a walk is a great idea," You answer, smiling up at me. Still with your hand tucked into mine We start off down the grassy path.
"Wait here one moment, I've forgotten something," I said with a mischievous look. Smiling, I left to return a few minutes later with a blanket in my hand.

"Are you planning on taking a nap in the moonlight?" You teased not able to stop a blush from spreading across your cheeks.
"Hmm, I brought it to keep you warm," I replied. And with a wink and that sexy smile, I took your hand and we continue on down the pathway.
The forest surrounding us is silent. Every so often our thoughts are interrupted by a twig in a tree cracking from a squirrel or My angry chirp resulting from the disturbance. It is a wonderfully peaceful evening, the kind you never want to end. There is that fresh summer scent hanging in the air, a mixture of wild flowers and with the water before us, you took in a long breath and savors it. Knowing all too well how long the winters are, You felt that every moment of summer is to be thoroughly enjoyed.
Nearing the water, two loons swim past them.
"Did you know they mate for life?" you murmur watching as they drift on down the shoreline.
"How lucky for them to find a soul mate to share their life with."

A little surprised at my romantic view, you turn to find me gazing out at the water. "That's what I love about you, everything you say comes straight from your heart." Finally at the shoreline we stopped and enjoy the extraordinary view. Across the lake we can see the outline of the Rocky Mountains, with trees as far as the eye can see.
"I wish summer lasted forever," you sigh and look longingly out at the mountains. Spreading the blanket out on the ground, i tug at your hand and we both stretch out on it, staring into the sky. This is heaven, laying here in the warm air, stars surrounding me and the woman I feel so much for here beside me.
"If summer lasted forever, when would we build a snowman together?" Grinning you reach for my hand.
"Ahh yes, how could I forget the snowman?" Tracing your finger along my hand and up my arm you start to giggle.
"I'm afraid to even ask what you're thinking.
"You can hear the smile in my voice without even turning to look at me. "Oh, I was just remembering how we planned on making a snowman," you said.

"Then why are you laughing?" I ask now puzzled at what you found so humorous about that. I turn onto my side to hear your answer.
"I don't know, it was just so cute all the silly things you say when you are falling in love with someone." Now you turn to face me."Even building a snowman seemed romantic!" Leaning over you places a soft small kiss on the tip of my nose.
"Come a little closer and tell me about the snowman," i whisper...
"Closer like this?" you ask, moving a fraction of an inch closer, a sly grin upon my face as you wait for my reaction.
"More like this!" i say, grabbing you about the waist and pulling you to me, our bodies now pressed together on the blanket.
"Oh dear, I don't think I can concentrate on snowman being this close," I murmur nibbling my bottom lip.
"My point exactly!" I say catching your lip with my own and giving you a warm kiss. Your body shivers from the gentleness.. It is like that first kiss all over again. It seems every time i kiss you,all thoughts disappear and you are weak to my touch. You ferl my hand slide from your waist to your back as i pull you tighter to me.
My lips hungrily seeking you now, My tongue shyly passing your lips, and slowly stroking yours.

A soft moan escapes your lips, as my hand caresses you from your back to your hips. Softly i whisper, "Aren't you glad I brought the blanket?"
"Oh, very happy you brought the blanket," You giggle. This time it is you who pulled me to you and kissed me with your fingers running through my hair and then trailing over my shoulders. Pressing your leg between mine and pushing your hips forward into me, our bodies drew closer with every breath. Playfully you bite my bottom lip with your hand now running down my back and tugging my shirt out of my shorts.
"Need a little help?" I whisper to you in a husky voice and pull my shirt off. You can't wait to touch my skin, to feel it as your hands run over my bare shoulders and back. Even though you have memorized every inch of me, it still thrills you as you undresses me.
Our kisses become a little more probing, and less shy. My hands now moving over your shoulders and pushing the thin straps of your tank top aside. Moaning you let your head fall back as i start trailing kisses down your neck and across your shoulders. Your body reacting to every kiss and caress. Our breathing becoming a little more rapid. I enjoy the feeling of my hand as i cover your breast, and gently massage it.

You want me to just pull your top off so you can feel my hands on your skin, My lips kissing you. Intuitively i feel you need and slowly my hands drift under your black shirt. First stroking over your stomach and then reaching your breasts. The pleasure of that first touch is indescribable. The aching for that touch has been running through your mind since the moment i started kissing you . Your nipples are taut, aching to be teased and tasted.
Slowly, I push your shirt up over your breasts and nuzzles into them. The sensuous feeling of my tongue swirling around your nipples as i take one into my mouth causes your body to tremble from sheer pleasure. Resting your hands on my shoulder, you massage it to encourage me to keep going.
"Kiss me!!" You gasps, caught up in the electric current running through your body, wanting to taste my lips, to feel my body over yours, my bare chest pressed against yours,
I crush my lips to you with such intensity that you can hardly stifle the gasp. You run your hands over my hips to the waist of my shorts where you found the button and starts to tease me with your hand. With every kiss i press into you, you can feel how incredibly turned on i am. You slowly run your hand over the front of my shorts and am rewarded with a soft groan. You seductively tease me longer, wanting to make me ache for you even more. I buried my face into your neck as i wait, hoping You will open up those shorts and slide your hand inside them. Turning your head you whisper into my ear.
"Make love to me...please." My hands slowly move over your stomach and down to your hips. I begin massaging your thigh while my lips tease you..Seductively i run my hand up your thigh and then part them to stroke between your legs. Much to my delight you moan loudly and push your hips forward against my hand.

Out of sheer desire and urgency you tug at the button on my shorts and open them, wanting to feel me in your hand, eagerly anticipating the groan that you will hear the moment your fingers gently stroke me ..I shifted my weight to help you remove my shorts and quickly get them out of your way, tossing them into the growing pile of clothes.
You run your hand over my boxers and noticed i have stopped kissing you..It is becoming increasingly difficult for me to concentrate as i anticipate your touch. Slowly you slip inside my boxers and smile upon hearing me stuck in my breath. You want to make me moan and beg you to let me take you..It takes a practiced hand to make a man weak like this. You can feel me getting harder as your stroking hastens.
With both of us now moving into each other, soft moans have replaced words, hands teasing and playing with each other. Gently you push your shorts over your hips and slowly down your legs, My hand leisurely making their way to your inner thigh.
"Oh please!" You beg as with every stroke up your leg i came closer to you now very wet panties.
"M mm, be patient" I tease as my fingers drift along the edge of your black panties. There is no hiding how much you want me.You shiver at every touch and shifted your hips enticing me to touch you..

Still teasing around the edge of your panties i start kissing you, first your breasts, gently sucking on them, ,My tongue flicking over your nipples and driving you wild, then moving on to nibble and kiss your tummy. I hear a long loud sigh as i slowly rub my hand over your panties.
"Oh baby, maybe we should just stop now, and go back to camp?" I asked playfully.
"Nooooooooooo," You moan completely lost in the feeling of my hand still stroking you through you now soaking wet panties. My reply is a finger slipping under the elastic and stroking you. Tenderly i run it between your very swollen lips and inside you.I love the moan and gasp i hear as i slowly let it run into you and then tease you gently with my lips now also kissing your thigh and nibbling on it. With painstaking slowness i remove your panties.
Amused with you growing hunger and slight frustration, I began kissing your legs and thighs again, purposefully avoiding any other contact and knowing you will start swaying your hips, luring Me in. I savors this moment of control and enjoys the hunger in your eyes, knowing that there is nothing else but this moment on your mind.
Gently i again stroke you and presses two fingers inside of you. Nothing is better than feeling your entire body tremble from my touch. Then when you are just about to go insane i lower my lips to you and softly run my tongue over you. The trembling becomes stronger and your sighs very audible, My tongue now gently licking and swirling. Your hand reaches for my free one and you squeeze it so hard i wince. When i know you are almost at the edge i flick my tongue a little faster. your entire body shudders, and i can feel you tighten around my fingers inside of you. My hand is now crushed in you as it waves over your entire body.

With a smug grin i move over you and plant a very deep wet kiss on your lips. Reaching for me you letting your hands roam over my body. You let out a loud gasp as you take me into your hand and slowly but with urgency strokes me. Your mind is swimming with thoughts of how much you want me inside of you. While kissing my lips hard and teasing my tongue with yours,you continue stroking me.
You whisper into my ear, "Ohhhhhh, I just have to taste you!" and slowly you move down my body. You let your hands run over my thighs while kissing my neck and chest, still teasing me. Feeling my body become tense with anticipation you reach the waistband of my boxers. Your not so gently tugs them off, knowing that you no longer need to worry about whether that will offend me or not. Knowing i want them off and your mouth on mine. Now!
Reaching for me you can't help but moan at the sight of me. Knowing full well i want nothing more than to feel you just take me entirely into your mouth, i hesitate for a moment and decides to not tease and do just that! Your reward is a deep moan from me. You know you have made the right choice. It is so exquisite the way it feels to run your tongue over a man when i am this aroused, to lick and suck and taste me, to fight the urge to completely devour me, the great ego rush when i start throbbing at the brink of exploding in your mouth. To then stop and wait until my breathing slows down and the throbbing isn't so intense only to take me there again, wishing i would just beg you to let me cum in your mouth.
All this thinking is driving you crazy. Feeling me tremble and knowing one more deep plunge and i am not going to be able to hold back, I stop. You have to feel that inside of you, to feel me clutch your body to me as i push myself deep within you. Sitting i pull you onto my lap. Slowly you take me inside of you, moaning and kissing me hard and feeling me so deep inside it almost hurts. It's awkward at first to get a good rhythm, but when it happens your body instantly begins to tremble, my strong hands on your hips guiding you, your arms wrapped around me with your breasts rubbing against my chest.

Softly you murmur, "Your the best" into my ear. your mind empty of thoughts other than the intensity of how much you want to fulfill me. Arching into me as you feel my hands moving up your back, then massaging your breasts. You urge your body to move faster over me and the trembling in your legs increases each time i stroke you inside. Yo can't concentrate on kissing me.
Moaning softly as you feels it building inside of you , feeling me throbbing and knowing i am desperately trying to hold back and wait for you.Then it hits, your entire body shuddering, my moans in your ear as i can finally let go. Feeling me push deep inside and my hands crush your body to me, loving the feeling of my shudder with each thrust into you as it passes over me. Then finally our eyes meeting, a wild look on each of our faces from the passion and our lips meeting for a long loving kiss. I brush the hair from your face and whisper asking you ."What you feel"We snuggle up on the blanket hidden there at the lake. "Do you think we should just sleep here tonight?" i whisper sleepily, your head resting on my chest. After a moment you slowly lift my eyes up to see me sleeping and you pulled the blanket around us. With a smile you blew a kiss to the moon. One last kiss to the moon is your last thought as you drift off to sleep....I hope this tells you more about what i have been thinking... Look forward to your email and please i told you to give me your phone number so i can call you as soon as possible, make sure you don't forget alright .... Have a wonderful and productive day ahead my love and i will get to you once am in Africa