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Rupert Graf Koks
und die Nigeria Connection
Reise nach Westafrika wird angekündigt.

Gegen Scam und Spam mit Rupert Graf Koks.


romance-script 3


Hello Dear one,
How are you and antonija? Well i hope you are both okay. Baby i have been thinking about you all through at work today and even at the conference meeting that i had today, i need to tell you that the wound i thought was forerever, you have come like a thief in disguise to steal my heart and heal me from sad moments because i was thinking of my deceased wife but when i think of you i have this sensation inside of me knowing everything will be okay with you and i hope you won't break my heart. Today i have decided to move on with you if you agree to,i want to make a world with you, i want you to believe in me and trust me 100 percent because i will always be there for you.........

i have been told today at work that i need to travel briefly to West Africa for an oil sector arrangement based on nature of my business and i would be going tomorrow so i hope you stay cool and enjoy yourself because i will be using a week precisely until i get there i will send you a message because i wont want to miss you already. i want you to give me your contact number so i can give you a call and listen to that lovely voice of yours okay baby. I love you with all my life, heart and soul because you are the one who gives me blues and butterflies. .........
I have you in my life now forerever and i know we shall live through difficulties no matter the situation only if we are together head to head baby
Take care of yourself for me till we get to talk on phone okay.......Most kisses....

Yours Faithfully